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Free Long and extensive shifts in healthcare Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor's Name Course Date Outline Assignment Thesis: Healthcare staff should not be required to work long shifts because it may result in patient’s accidents, injury, and death. The long and extensive shifts in healthcare conduce to patient’s accident. Health workers handle patient problems regularly. Some administer injections to the patients, give them medicine and dress their wounds at the specified time. The healthcare workers also keep the records of every patient in a particular hospital (Dembe et al. 336). The sick patients are lifted by the staff and even those with damaged tissues or fractures. With all these activities lined up for the workers, they end up being tired and exhausted. The workers will thus not give particular attention to every patient. And with the hurry of attending the next patient, the health workers end up causing accidents to the patients. II. Also, healthcare practitioner working more than twelve hours’ shifts can compromise patient safety and be involved in an injury. The human mind works in such a way that it can only concentrate on a particular activity for a specified period. The body is also able to be alert for a specified period then it gets fatigued. The brain and the body will not work if they have reached the maximum time (Dembe et al. 338). Healthcare staff working for more than twelve hours is half asleep and half awake. The person thus will not make the right choice on drug use, where to inject and keep a proper record. The worker may end up giving the wrong drugs or injection because of poor brain coordination. III. Finally, healthcare provider’s extended long shifts contribute to medical errors, including patient deaths. Medical procedures are very delicate and require the staff to prepare adequately before commencing. The preparation may be physical, psychological and mental. Working more extended hours exhausts all the primary senses (Dembe et al. 340). A staff...
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