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Free Memory System Exam Dissertation Example

Memory System Exam Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date Multiple-choice 1. The mnemonic that exploits how we get and remember information as well as visualize what is put in a given place is called: B a) Imagery b) Loci c) Mnemonic 2. State the sequence followed to remember incoming sensory information: A a) Encoding, storage, retrieval b) Storage, encoding, retrieval c) Retrieval, encoding, storage 3. The recall of items appearing at the beginning of a list is referred to as: C a) Serial position effect b) Recency effect c) Primary effect Fill-in-the-blank 1. ________________ is located in the limbic system and helps in storing memories. Hippocampus 2. ________________ defines eidetic imagery forming part of the memory capability. Photographic Memory Short-answer 1. Define the term memory. An active information processing system that receives, stores and recovers information. 2. What does the Atkinson-Shiffrin model describe? Mahmud (2004) states that this model describes that human memory is made of three kinds of stores which are the short-term memory, long-term memory, and the sensory register. True-or-false questions 1. Long-term memory can be subdivided into four other categories. False o True o False 2. Recency effect refers to the description given to the recall of items that appear at the end of a list: True o True o False 3. The sensory register refers to the permanent memory with the ability to hold a lot of information for a long time. False o True o False ReferencesMahmud, S. J. (2004). Introduction to psychology. New Delhi: A.P.H. Pub....
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