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Free Mexican Border Issue Dissertation Example

Student’s Name: Tutor’s Name: Course: Date: Press Release on Mexican Border Issue FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introduction of Border Wall Security House Oversight Committee proposes the building of US-Mexican Border Wall Following the hearing by the House Oversight Committee held on 27th April 2017, the committee resolved the need to have a border wall between the US and Mexico. According to the committee, there have been entries of illegal immigrants in the United States who have orchestrated insecurity in the country. With a cost estimated to be $14 billion, the border aims at enhancing security between the United States and Mexico and promoting tax benefits to the United States taxpayers. Speaking during the meeting, immigration expert Dr. Stephen Camarota indicated that the U.S stands at realizing $12 to $14 billion through the building of the wall. Building the wall will, however, not stop the illegal immigration, but it is believed that it will reduce it. So many cases have been brought forward which include killings of the United States citizens. In a meeting that saw witnesses giving their testimonies on what they have experienced, it was evident that the border needs to be secured. One of the witnesses, Ms. Gibboney, gave emotional testimony on how the illegal immigrants killed her fifteen-year-old son Arnold Da Silva. The U.S government, therefore, cannot stand to lose the lives of its citizens now and then. It is, therefore, evident that nobody wishes this problem to continue being experienced but instead come up with a solution that will help in saving the lives which may be lost soon. One cannot deny that many have criticized that the proposed wall is expensive with most analysis citing the cost to be higher. Other independent research parties have estimated the cost of the wall to be between $20 to $70 billion. However, from the experiences; building this wall will be of more benefits than losses. Asked about the how he will ensure security...
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