Stakeholder Game Theory Analysis in Nanluoguxiang Historical Neighborhood Preservatio Dissertation Example

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Free Stakeholder Game Theory Analysis in Nanluoguxiang Historical Neighborhood Preservatio Dissertation Example

Dissertation Example Introduction: Game theory involves the study of cooperation and conflict in which several players are obliged to make choices that affect other players’ interests potentially (Turocy, 2001). Game theoretical concepts are applicable whenever several agents such as firms, individuals, groups or any combination of the same, act interdependently. These concepts are used to analyze, formulate, structure and understand strategic scenarios. Description of Stakeholders Core stakeholders in Game Theory are individuals or groups of people who have corporate goals and interact with one another (Cai et al., 2015). Stakeholders can be distinguished in accordance with the extent of their influence, which may either be bidirectional or unidirectional. Stakeholders interact with each other and play important roles in decision-making processes regarding preservation of Nanluoguxiang neighborhood as will be discussed later in this paper.  Stakeholders can affect decisions either directly or indirectly and the impacts vary according to the topic in question. In this case study, the main core stakeholders are the local government, residents, and investors. Other stakeholders include tourism planners, tourism enterprises, banks and financial institutions, academic researchers, among others. Local Government Local government participation is widespread in the development of tourism in both developing and developed countries. Tourism enables the government to create employment opportunities and to promote both social and economic developments. In addition creation of income and promotion of developments, tourism is also important in maintaining the sense of self. Therefore, it is the duty of the local government to promote and protect tourism and hence the necessity to preserve the historical neighborhood of Nanluoguxiang. The local government’s game behavior is largely determined by the power it owns. The local government provides infrastructure...
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