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Free Network security Dissertation Example

Student's Name Tutor's Name Course Date Discussion Wk. 3 Response Hello Jonathan, I agree with your post because network security is a critical area that requires urgent attention when suspicion arises. The windows system has the configuration of a network performance system which can monitor activities over networks ("9.3: Performance monitoring" n.p). In action, it alerts the need for the restriction of foreign users. The remote access is a retractable network. The extension of the platforms that utilize the service currently includes the MAC O.S, thanks to the Mac screen sharing option. Indeed, it confirms that one can operate an Apple device entirely using a Windows desktop from a distinct location when assisting either via third-party VNC software or navigated networks. However, the configuration involves steps for security measures. Firstly, the users have to allow their devices accessible through the interface. The observe mode gives users an upper hand in decision making, relative to the control mode when they are unable to operate. They also can terminate willingly ("9.5: Remote Services" n.p). Works Cited “9.3: Performance monitoring,”, 2018,“9.5: Remote Services,”, 2018,...
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