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Pc Analysis Student’s name Institution In the present era, it is paramount for a student to have the necessary computer skills as they are a crucial part of education. Today, laptops offer students the technological tools needed to take note more efficiently. Electronic note-taking is both flexible, efficient and faster. This allows a student to organize and index their study material automatically as well as quick search. A laptop also helps a student to develop computer skills, complete group projects with ease among many other benefits. In this regards the global personal computer market has grown tremendously in the last decade and the growth is expected to continue (Mouza, 2006). Despite the numerous benefits of personal computer it is important to purchase a personal computer which meets some specific specification for optimal benefits and experience. This paper proposes the best laptop that can be used for email, internet access, entertainment, statistics as well as note-taking in class. The OS facilitate basic functions of a computer it is responsible for managing all the software as well as other peripheral hardware. In this regard, I would recommend a laptop that uses Microsoft’s Windows operating system. For instance, Windows 10 OS is the best as it is the greatest and the latest update of all windows edition. Besides, it has new generation design it is also easy to navigate as it has a catchy user interface. In regards to CPU, I would recommend Intel Core i7 this because the CPU has big cache size, it is very fast and has a better cooling system. Besides, the CPU provides high data visualization technology this help users to view high-quality video and image graphics. Computer RAM is also an essential element to consider. With more RAM, it implies that the system can handle more programs simultaneously. In this regard, I would recommend a laptop with 8GB RAM or more. On the other hand, I would recommend a 500GB hard disk. This will provide...
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