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Name Professor Title Page For as long as I remember, I always wanted to be a pediatrician. This is a fascination that captured my heart from my very tender days. My desire to see a society in which everyone lives happily without any sorrow spurred in me hunger to work towards changing all that reverse such a state of happiness. My desires involve working with and for children as they are the embodiment of the future society. This is a factor that drove me to pore through medical books at the local library. Besides interacting with resources relating to human anatomy, it also introduced literature concerning the society’s well-being. My continued search transformed my musings about health into a solid aspiration. However, being under the care of my single mom, together with my brother, our finances cannot adequately facilitate the achievements of my dreams. Volunteering at my local shelter was essential in the making intense the desire within on working with little children. Though the societal outlook is of a perfect life, the glint is not in any way an alternative for the deep-rooted affairs existing in the society (Andrews& Withey, 134). The portrayal in the media of an eased access of medical is usually not the reality on the ground. Of importance is the state of the children, the destiny carriers. Most of them are not in apposition to tend for themselves, especially when they are sick. As a pediatrician, I will dedicate time and energy towards the cause for a better health of our children. However, this calls for medical training. This is a challenging feat seeing my mom is not in a position to cater for both my tuition and concerns for my brother’s primary education. There are powerful forces driving an individual towards endeavoring to realize their dreams. Personally, I have realized that driving force in my life. Growing in my home has predisposed me to the hardships of life and as such, I have an awareness of the hurdles existing towards...
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