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Free Planning A Meeting Dissertation Example

Planning a Meeting Name: Institution: Introduction In social work, the initial group meeting is very crucial. It decides whether the people involved would be interested in participating in the program. Besides, the first meeting provides the members of the group to meet and know each other. Therefore, the initial meeting dictates the success of the process as a whole. Being that critical, it is worth to give it careful planning with the primary aim of making it a success (Attwood et al., 2013). 1. Preparation and meeting anticipation in two weeks The first thing worth doing before the meeting day is the visit every potential group member. However, if visiting were impossible, I would resort to phone calls rather than a note. Through visiting, I would be presented by the opportunity of introducing myself to the group members and establish a relationship with them. Moreover, through visiting, I would be in a position of pointing the importance of being in the group to the members. Furthermore, I would also communicate the agenda, venue, date and time of the meeting to the group members (Attwood et al., 2013). 2. Leading the opening and the information sessions On the actual meeting day, I would arrive early to welcome the group members and try to introduce them informally to each other and give a copy of the program to everybody. I would try to remember and call them by their names. After reaching the quorum, I would start the meeting with a word of prayer. Then I would give the group members an opportunity of introducing themselves. After the introduction session, I would read the agenda and officially communicate the importance of the group. Breakout session will then follow. 3. Breakout session activities I would not prefer long meetings. Long meetings are not only dull to the members but also discourages them from attending the future meetings. Therefore, I would grant breakout sessions to break the boredom and allow the members to know...
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