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Free Program Goal Assignment Dissertation Example

First Name Last Name Instructor Course Date Program Goals Assignment Translate Problems and Needs into Program Goals Students will gain co-curricular skills to supplement their academic knowledge. Physical activities for students will improve their health and performance. Students will develop new passions and discover their talents. Children will boost their social skills through consistent interactions. Students will keep busy and therefore avoid destructive activities. Brooklyn parents will save their hard-earned income and give their children opportunities similar to students in other neighborhoods. Formulate outcome objectives for each of your program goals This program will offer an opportunity for the students to learn new skills in sports, music, and arts aside from their academic skills. Students will learn new skills that may shape the rest of their careers or lifestyle. The physical nature of some of the activities of this program like sports and dancing will help children keep fit during school terms. The absorbent nature of these activities will help students unwind and relax from their academic tensions which will serve to enhance their overall performance. Through the program, students will get a chance to discover their passions and hobbies through engaging in different activities. This program will unearth talent in children that may open up new opportunities and career paths for talented students. Students will get to interact with other students through the numerous activities offered by the program. Students will acquire vital social skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Students will actively engage in positive and progressive activities like sports, and that will keep them from the addictive video games and screen time. The engaging nature of the afterschool program will further limit the children’s exposure to drugs and crime which are prevalent in Brooklyn. This program will enable District 17...
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