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Free Project Management Group Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Project Management Group Projects need to be managed effectively for the results to be successful. In the current technological world, technological methods need to be employed to ensure quality results. Notably, communication is a key determinant in project execution. Different technologies have been adopted to help in project implementation (Shin). Email App is one of the useful tools used in managing projects. The application works in such a way that it makes communication in the organization easy. Email App enables communication to flow effectively through various members of the team. For the application to work, all members of the team are required to have computerized communication devices such as smartphones, pads, and tablets. The reason behind this is that these devices support the functionality of this App. With the aid of the Internet, the devices enable team members to share emails. Apparently, project managers find it easy to pass information to other members of the team (Schwalbe 6). The manager creates messages and sends them to specific individuals and sometimes to groups. Through the App, the information flow is made fast and effective. The App is used in the various phases of project management. The App is used during project initiation to bring the team members together and ensure team cohesion. During planning, it helps in job designation. When it comes to project execution, the App is used to help give directions to different team members. This enhances monitoring as well as control of resources and other operations of the project. Reportedly, when managing teams, it is important to employ ethics. The exchange of information via the App should follow some ethics. The sender of the messages should ensure the messages do not violate the dignity of the recipient. Works Cited Schwalbe, Kathy. Information technology project management. Cengage Learning, 2015. Shin, Laura. Project...
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