Re-Branding Corporate Image of Homestay in Malaysia Dissertation Example

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Free Re-Branding Corporate Image of Homestay in Malaysia Dissertation Example

The 21st century presents a dynamic and competitive marketplace that requires firms to seek a competitive edge for them to remain productive, make profits, and sustain the business. In these ventures, maintaining a good reputation and developing a corporate image has become a vital consideration for businesses across all domains (Osa Igbaekemen 17). The corporate image refers to the overall impression that a customer gets following accumulated feelings, ideas, attitudes, and experiences with an enterprise or organization. It entails the memories that are transformed into positive or negative meanings, and the consumer can retrieve them whenever the name of the business or organization is mentioned or brought to an individual’s attention (Foroudi, Melewar, and Gupta 2270). Suggestively, it is the virtual link that an individual preserves after an experience with the business. The image can be described as the subjective knowledge, attitude or a combination of products’ characteristics that are not physical, but identify with the product on a personal level. The corporate image emerges from different aspects of an organization that include the organizational culture, ideologies, business name, reputation, pricing strategy, and the interaction that exists between the business and the customers. From this context, corporate image is the overall impression that the customer preserves in their mind. Due to the various interacting factors presented by an organization or business, there are multiple images that emerge. Resultantly, the service quality can be described in the context of physical quality, interactive quality, and corporate quality. Reviews suggest that corporate quality alludes to the image customers and potential customers attribute to a service provider. Additionally, compared to interactive and physical quality, the corporate quality is often perceived to be more stable over time (Huang et al. 72). Functional and technical qualities of the business...
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