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Free Richard Cory And Jay Gatsby Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Instructor Course Date "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson and "The Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald Richard Cory is a poem narrated by Edwin Arlington who shows admirable characteristics but has an evil mind in the interior. People do not understand who he is as he keeps his private character hidden. The author of the poem portrays the narrator as “richer than a king” (line 9). The author uses imagery that makes a reader feels or instead wish you were in Richard Cory’s shoes, (lines 11-12). On the other hand, the book "The Great Gatsby" has Jay Gatsby as the main protagonist who is a wealthy young man famous for his lavish parties, but keeps his humble background close to his chest. The authors have used various literary elements including characterization, themes, irony, symbolism, and realism to explain the difference in social class in an American social context. Richard Cory and Jay Gatsby are the protagonists for each of the two readings with almost similar traits. They both show their love for money and possessions, a culture prevalent in the world today. In "The Great Gatsby" Nick is a restricted narrator, who is not the center of the story, but tells the audience what he sees from the outside. For instance, this role comes to play when he says that he inclines to reserve any judgment that he could have towards those who bring him the secrets. There is a slight difference in the themes of the two stories. Gatsby is always trying to attain riches to maintain his lifestyle. However, in Richard Cory, the factory laborers belong in lower socio-economic position. Richard Cory is a wealthy person, and other characters are looking up to them as motivators to have a better social life. “The Great Gatsby" brings out the theme of the decline of the American dream during the period when the book was written as the likes of Gatsby ensure that they get rich through any means possible. In "The Great Gatsby" Gatsby pursues his goal...
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