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Name Instructor Course Date Robert Borden Sir Robert Borden was a prolific leader during his era especially in the First World War when he was the prime minister (Rutherdale 84). He was born on 26 June 1854 (Craig 37). He was the leader of Liberal-Conservative Party (1901-1920), and he was the eighth prime minister of Canada (Smith 870). Novak (91) argued that during his (Borden) leadership period, Borden played various roles in promoting social, economic, political, and international relationships with other countries (Brown 43). Firstly, he was responsible for the War Measures Act that he initiated in 1914 with the aim of promoting his political interest during the First World War that took place from 1914 to 1918 (Ramsey 19). The strength of every country depends upon the stability of the political factor (Donald 75). His success as the prime minister was steered by the stiff war measures that he put as it guided the country through the period (Jack 80). Due to the nation attaining several victories in the war line, the leader pushed for the signing of ‘Treaty of Versailles’, which approved the terms and conditions of peace. The act was formally accepted as the gratitude of the end of the war. The treaty outlined what should and should not be done by European nations and notably Germany was granted the chance to do it (Kealey 117). . Robert demanded that the Germany representatives should sign the treaty to ensure that the requirements were met. This has shaped Canadian government by giving it a chance to develop its economy because, with the presence of peace, people could work freely. Secondly, he influenced positively on the economy of Canada (Nicholson 80). He introduced the system of direct taxation that he initiated in 1916, which he called it ‘The Wartime Business Profit Tax' (Allen 234). This could help in the nationalization of railway lines in Canada (Robert 79). The creation of the Canadian National Railways could assist in the...
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