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Free Rodney King Video Analysis Dissertation Example

Rodney King Video Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Police brutality especially use of extreme force is a global issue nowadays and one of the cases that best explains illegitimate use of force by the law enforcement officers is the beating of Rodney King. The 1991 beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police aroused a lot of legitimacy questions among many diplomats. There were several reasons that caused the police to beat him. Most African-Americans considered the incidence as having a racial discrimination base and therefore ended up rioting, and 53 people were killed. The Rodney King video incidences of the brutal beating by the police reveal what some people face while in the hands of police who end up set free by the presiding judges under the claim of no sufficient evidence. All the four police officers involved were liable for the penalty because they all participated either directly or indirectly in the brutal act. Keywords: police officers, brutal act, Rodney King Reason for Rodney King being beaten Rodney King was being beaten for multiple reasons. Firstly, the king had defied police orders to stop at the LA freeway when he was found to be over speeding at a speed of 100mph. Secondly; the king had laughed at the California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, showed them his buttock after alighting from his car, refused to lie down, and made threatening gestures which could have irritated the police (Jacobs, 2011). It is argued that some LAPD officers thought that king wanted to pick a weapon when he touched his buttocks only to be found to have none later. The mistaken attack could have provoked the police officers to fight back. Additionally, the king was masculine and portrayed symptoms associated with PCP drug abuse. PCP drug abusers were presumed to possess superhuman strength, be easily infuriated, and appear to feel no pain and therefore police used force to avoid being overpowered by the king who was already...
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