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Free Safety journal Dissertation Example

Safety journal Name: Institutional Affiliation: On the issue of safety, I was involved in various activities. From here, I learned that safety is a collective responsibility for all as it is a paramount topic to all human beings. In my interviews with the various parents, I realized that it was best if people are able to work together. Taking this in a collective manner is important as it can lead to great achievements. I realized that conducting a drill with children is the best way of helping the society. Kids will grow up knowing several things that they have been taught. If we are to administer safety drills in schools, then we can make a big progress. On the other hand, I realized that adults have to know about safety too as they may also find themselves in sticky situations. I realized that the parents' committee is an essential part of school when it comes to problem-solving. Involving the parents in all the steps taken is important as they can make suggestions on what to do best. I learned that involving parents in all the processes at the institution is paramount to the success of the project at any one instance. For example, parents will be able to determine what is best for their children by suggesting on what should be done. The drill program can be made successful when it comes to the parents cooperating and informing others on what to do. This can improve the whole process. Planning well with parents will make them save time when it comes to volunteering at the SCO. When everyone cooperates with each other, more is achievable in the shortest time possible. This is important in saving resources and time. In conclusion, I learned that cooperation is instrumental for success in any program for large...
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