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Free Salsa And The-Revolt Of Cockroach People Dissertation Example

Student’s name: Professor: Course: Date: Salsa and the Revolt of Cockroach People How was the development of salsa influenced by the cultural context of 1960s NYC? Salsa is a very popular music genre that emerged from New York City in the 1960s. Salsa is a fusion of guaracha, mambo, chachacha, son montuno, and Latin jazz. A lot of immigrants were moving to New York, most of them being Perto Ricans and Cubans. Most of the early bands in New York were Cubans and played a lot of mambo music. Chachacha then emerged still from the Cubans and was quickly adopted by New York horn groups. Chachacha was short lived since a Puerto Rican culture paved the way for the famous boogaloo music. Political activities in the country saw many Latinos blend many types of songs. This gave birth to salsa. “Willie Colon’s gangster style was often misunderstood and till these days’ people tend to simplify how radical it was at the time” (RONDÓN). Comment in regards to a LP cover. Willie Colon was a very instrumental and successful musician in New York. He was a controversial artiste which made many people misunderstand his style. For instance, the LP cover of his most successful album, Gran Fuga (The Big Break), read “Wanted by the FBI.” He also put the photo that depicted him being photographed prior to ‘going to jail.’ The controversial album cover led to the Federal Bureau of Investigation asking him to change the cover album. He also built his image to that of a gangster. Although he never was a gangster, his image and publicity led the public to misunderstand his gangster style. Such actions made people think of him as a real gangster. What is the role of animal imaginary of the cockroach and the buffalo in The Revolt of Cockroach People? Revolt of Cockroach People is a fascinating novel where the author, Oscar Zeta Acosta, uses animal imagery. Two significant imageries used in the novel are a buffalo and a cockroach. The cockroach, however, is the most...
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