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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date The Scarlet Letter Most works that were written by the Historian Warren Susman relate to the struggles between two conflicting moral orders: an ancient civilization frequently referred to as the Puritan culture and a recently emerging nation of abundance (Westbrook 481). Similarly, Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays the cultural shift in the 17th century, from one of a character that valued inner self to a notion of individuality that appreciated socialness as a show of appeal in the chase for success. Nathaniel’s representative work, The Scarlet Letter, is a standard narrative in the American works of the nineteenth century. The novel exhibits the enormous impact of Puritanism on the life and thoughts of people. This essay will give a short description of Puritans’ ideology and life by analyzing the Puritan city of Boston and other related individuals and present how Puritanism intensely prejudices the town's communities. While analyzing the novel’s central character Hester, the essay will highlight the cruelty and the harsh penalty in the Puritan culture. According to the Puritan beliefs, whoever defies public laws will be penalized. The essay will also display Hawthorne’s feeling towards the Puritan religion. The Scarlet Letter was created in the eighteenth century. The novel is set in the seventeenth century in the Boston town of America. Puritan refers to the sixteenth century’s name given to the extreme Protestants in the England church who sought to cleanse the church. In the seventeenth century, most puritans move to the New World, attempting to find a holy State in Fresh England. The Puritans did not exercise different religious beliefs. They maintained that superior position and accomplishments were symbols of ‘everlasting grace,’ and they needed to force the rest of mankind to yield to God’s will. Puritan culture also included admiration for learning that leads to the creation...
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