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Social Work and Human Services Name Institution affiliation Introduction SCO Family of Services is an organization defined with specific operations that drive towards improving the lives of the person from households that have extremely low income. Nevertheless, certain public policies have been developed to impact on the governance of the life-supporting organization. The document produced has a purpose of providing a proposal towards the identified issue/ problem experienced while undertaking internship program within the SCO Family of Services. The proposal is defined by the description or assessment of the SCO Family of Services organization than the discussion of the possible solutions to the identified issue, and they're relevant to my profession and at a personal level. The assessment of the SCO Family of Services SCO Family of Services has dedicated itself towards supporting need people within the society of New York. The support was extended to the targeted people through more than 80 programs which were operated exclusively at 120 different locations. The institution guarantees support of providing life-sustaining services and also the unconditional care to people who are endangered. So far more than 55 000 people in New York have been reached, and they have been influenced positively by making sure that they become completely integrated/ fitted into the affairs of their community. According to SCO Family of Services (2018), the operations of the SCO Family of Services were driven towards achieving the vision of envisioning communities located throughout “the New York City” as well as the Long Island. The practice has included the efforts of advocating for the family life alongside the people’s well-being to make sure that all people have the chance of achieving their life goals. The institution is much concerned with the people who are more vulnerable. The target is from the families who are homeless all the way to the youths...
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