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Free Social Work And Human Services Dissertation Example

Social Work and Human Services: Name of Student Name of Institution   Working with SCO Family of Services; Shirley Chisholm Center for 6 to 7 months will enlighten me on the social work activities and the need to solve the current behavioral problems experienced by children at school. I have been attending the internship at the center, whereby I am currently assigned to 19 kids from class 4, and two enrolled in pre-k and 3-k. I am concerned with many children’s activities including working with their files and covering some classrooms when teachers go for lunch. Additionally, I provide all kids’ document files including their medical, dental, immunization, and birth certificates appropriately. I also record the applications filled by parents, their proof of address, income, family strength assessments, health history, family goals, and allergies that may affect the child’s education. I fill out all paperwork needed by teachers and write letters to the guardians and parents. So far it has been a great experience working with SCO Family of Services because I learned a lot, how to work with paperwork and how to work and communicate with kids in school and the house. I learned how to work and talk to my child. I learned how to work with families from different cultured and different background. I learned how to exercise patience primarily within the area I work. There is a lot of families that are low income, and sometimes they come out different to me, and they talk to me in an angered way but I learned how to handle it and talk to them nicely, and they do come back and apologize. During my internship, I attended the training meeting that impacted me positively. I learned using open-ended questions while addressing problems affecting the kids at school. From the meeting conference, I understood the following issues; Firstly, kids encounter multiple issues while making a connection between the instructions they listen/hear and what/how they...
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