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Free Sports Leadership Specialization Dissertation Example

The NCAA’s mission is to govern athletics competition in an equitable, sportsmanlike, safe and fair manner. The association’s other mission is to integrate athletics into educational programs so that the academic experience of student-athletes is maximized (NCAA, 2017). The NCAA’s vision is to establish and maintain an enabling environment in which students’ sports activities are conducted as an integral component of the educational experience. Through its member institutions, national office staff and conferences, the NCAA shares a common belief in the commitment to the following core values: i. The collegiate model of athletics where students participate freely balancing their extracurricular, social and academic experiences. ii. The highest level of sportsmanship and integrity. iii. The quest for uncompromising excellence in athletics and academics. iv. A culture of diversity that fosters career opportunities for administrators and coaches, and equitable participation for students. v. Respect for the philosophical differences and autonomy of member institutions. vi. Democratic leadership of intercollegiate athletics at all levels of the sports hierarchy. vii. Acknowledgment of the supporting role that athletics plays in promoting a sense of community and in developing the identity of the NCAA member institutions. Overview of NCAA’s Organizational Structure, Leadership, and Stakeholders Regarding organizational structure, the NCAA comprises of the legislative bodies that govern each division. Membership to the legislative bodies consists of volunteers from the association’s member schools and colleges (NCAA, 2017). There is also a group of committees whose role is to enact and implement association-wide policies.The committees are responsible for managing various issues affecting sports rules, health and safety, championships and affirmative action. The Board of Governors is the highest decision-making organ at the NCAA....
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