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The Brain Name Institution The Brain Q1. What are the benefits for social workers to know both the biological and psychological focus? Defining the role of social workers in the society is difficult. They are essentially involved in a wide range of activities aimed at improving the state of the society (Leigh, 2013). This might be in hospices, schools, and hospitals to name but a few. As a jack of all trades, a social worker is required to know various areas that touch on the welfare of the society. Having an in-depth understanding of both biological and psychological focus would be of great significance not only to the social worker alone but the entire society at large. Gaining knowledge of both biological and psychological focus increases the scope of the areas that the social worker can respond to in medical cases. As a result, the community benefits as the ratio of health workers to human population diminishes in the society in question. This means that the society members have more places to take both biological and psychological cases for diagnoses which consequently improve that state of healthcare in the said society. Q2. What are the similarities and differences between a biological focus on mental events and psychological focus? Both biological and psychological focus finds a nexus in the assessment of human behavior. In fact, they are brought together in the field of biological psychology otherwise known as psychobiology. While psychology mainly concentrates on the assessment of human behavior in its diagnoses biology primarily gives insight into the mind-body phenomenon. In brief, it mainly concentrates on how the human brain relates to the other parts of the human body. Q3. What would be the benefit of pairing a biologist and a psychologist? A psychologist mainly focuses on the human behavior in entering a diagnosis (Lovallo, 2013). A biologist, on the other hand, has a wealth of knowledge on how the human brain relates and controls...
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