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Name Instructor Course Date The Gilded and Progressive Eras The Gilded Age is a term used to refer to an era in America in the 19th century when the great revolution occurred. The period was characterized by industrialization, growth in wealth and production and provision of freedom and citizenship to the slaves. Numerous innovations and inventions were also made during this period that saw a change in the way of life (Tindall & David 17). Though the age has been regarded to have brought much good into the society, there are a lot of bad elements into it. With The Golden Age came a lot of new ignition and innovation in America. The last quarter of 19th Century is considered to be the one which brought with it a lot of changes. While celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence, several inventions made their debut. Alexander Graham Bell introduced his telephone that was initially to be used to aid those with hearing problems but later to form a major communication network. Edison with his team developed the long-lasting bulb over time decreasing the possibilities of fires from oil lamps; subsequently, alternating current was invented after that by George Westinghouse and Nicolai Tesla that enabled supply of electricity over longer distances (Tindall & David 23). Moreover, the installation of a generator in towns led to the improvement of the invention of electric trains by Werner Vonn Siemens in 1881 that offered a more suitable transportation means. After that, the electric train invention got a lot of contributions and was later to become a major contribution to the transport sector. Besides, the construction of bridges and hydraulic elevators in this age made a lot of contribution to the growth of America. Consequently, most of these inventions have a lot of relevance to our daily lives in our generation The research by some journalist and exposure of The Gilded Age led to them being branded as the “Muckraker” by Roosevelt. The...
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