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The Human Resource Activities Question 1 Explain the importance of ergonomics. Ergonomics is a branch of engineering science which accords the design and work arrangement, tools, machinery among other safety equipment so that people interact with things efficiently. Ergonomics has it significant in an organization and consist of; First, ergonomics reduce cost and risk in an organization. In this case, the systematic tools arrangement will allow the employees contribute to organizing work structure and execution process well. Secondly, ergonomics improves the organizational productivity whereby the resource manager designs for proper postures in workstation and present expected output. Thirdly, it improves on quality since tasks in a firm are measured according to the labor requirement. Fourthly, Ergonomics improves on the relationship between the employee and the management. Finally, ergonomics create a better organizational culture on health safety needs for their employees. Question 2 Explain one major type of employment test conducted through the selection process of recruitment. Aptitude test is one of the primary employment test used to screen the applicants for a particular job in organizations. Usually this consist of an accessing the psychological reasoning of a person. Commonly, the aptitude test is used to attach them to their capability and innovativeness towards a job description for a particular workforce. Furthermore, this test access is essential in choosing the most appropriate personnel in a workforce that require critical thinking. Question 3 Describe the Collective Bargaining Process? This is a technique that bridges the agreement between the employer and a group of employees when uncertainty in the working conditions arises. Usually, the collective bargaining process is negotiated between the employer and the union representing employees. This process involves five core steps; first is the preparation of terms for negotiation...
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