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Free The imagery in Langston the Negro Poem Dissertation Example

Student Professor Course Date The imagery in Langston the Negro Poem The Poem Negro by Langston Hughes deals with the history of People of the African American descent in the 1922 era. Throughout the poem, the author creates some awareness of the historical experiences of the blacks, where he touches on several other past events that have impacted the blacks before(Schneider, 3). In doing so, the author puts across yet another them; Racial Identity, which was a common aspect of the mentioned era. To facilitate efficient message delivery, the author uses imagery. In a broader perspective, imagery is used to spark off one's senses. In this article, am going to explain how the author uses that aspect of imagery to contribute to the poem's theme of racial identity. One of the common aspects used by the author in this aspect is symbolism imagery. Through this aspect, the author speaks of rivers, which convey a visual scene. Throughout the story, several rivers are mentioned. For example, the author suggests the Euphrates River, through which the identity of some individuals is established. The Euphrates River, according to historical data played a significant role towards the establishment of the Babylonian civilization. Known to be one of the oldest rivers in the world, it flows from Turkey to Syria, and through Iraq. The mention of this river creates a connection of the Negros to their ancient roots. Furthermore, the author mentions River Congo. The river flows from the Central African Republic of Congo. In this aspect, the author is trying to identify the Negros with their African origin. Similar to the first case explained at the beginning, Historical data indicates that Most slaves were sourced from Africa, and transported to America. Congo is one of the countries where many slaves were captured. Lastly, the mention of the Names Mississippi and New Orleans is used to portray the racial identity expressing the new homes that the Negros were...
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