The Transport Planning Models For Passenger And Freight Transport Dissertation Example

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Free The Transport Planning Models For Passenger And Freight Transport Dissertation Example

Management Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Compare and contrast the transport planning models for passenger and freight transport Freight transportation helps in the running of activities such as the production of goods and services, trade, and consumption. Freight transportation is very vital for the growth of an economy. Therefore, it has to be efficient and timely. Passenger transport helps only in the movement of the citizens of a country from one place to another, and the people move for different reasons (Richardson, 2005). The freight transportation and the passenger transportation industries have been more competitive in the recent than ever before this is as a result of the rules and regulations that have been put into place to govern the transport industries. The two modes of transport share many similarities in using the transport planning models. The transit-oriented model where the land for transportation is reduced for both the freight and passenger transportation. A model like the traffic model focuses on meeting the traveling needs for both the passenger and freight transport. They both aim at reducing the price and the land use policies (Goldman & Gorham, 2006). Even though passenger and freight transport has a lot of similarities, they also have a difference in various ways. The freight transport is always driven with the aim of the transportation company to make profits through the transportation of goods and services while the passenger transportation is always aimed at reducing pollution from the environment (Goldman & Gorham, 2006). In passenger transport, individual passengers decide personally the best time for them to alight and the direction they take while in freight transportation, goods and passengers require proper management from the place of departure to destination. Passenger transportation must accompany accommodations concerning the safety and comfort ability for the peaceful traveling of the...
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