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Free Vehicle Fleet Design and Selection Dissertation Example

Proposal Name Institutional Affiliation Date Vehicle Fleet Enterprise Selection and choice of vehicle fleet design involve various steps that lead to decision-making. Purpose of the fleet is one of the factors that govern the choice of a fleet. The purchase, management, fueling, and maintenance are mainly done for fleets (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017). Moreover, the fleets use a fixed route and have transportation options that are of interest to the business owner than the public perceives (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017). Fleets also present the bulk purchasing power of an individual or an organization. The purpose of this study is to examine the fleet expenses that enhance profit or loss. Moreover, the study will consider the purchase price and lifecycle cost in vehicle fleet business. The study will achieve this by examining the values that lead to profit and loss throughout the life cycle of the fleet. The study will examine the insurance provision of fleets that renders corresponding cost reduction. At the same time, the researcher will focus on the environmental sustainability goals that the fleet can achieve. One of such is reducing the carbon dioxide emission in a motor vehicle using cleaner energy alternatives. The study will enable development of skills in futurism and prediction in the economic realm of fleet enterprise. The ability to use current market trends in relating the characteristics of the same market in the future is vital for the sustainability of the business. The study will also enhance the capability of analyzing the cost factors that influence the profitability of fleet vehicle enterprise. Thus, the study is an essential endeavor in building market analysis skills. The study will involve building a team that will work on recruitment of participants, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The team will coordinate activities through a crafted communication amongst...
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