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Student name Instructor Course title Date Video Review Introduction The department of justice in the United States is a key department that deals with law enforcement and the administration of justice. The videos that are under review, Policing the Police and The Confessions all focus on how the police and the department of justice carry out their operations in a bid of providing justice to the people. The Confessions presents to us of how rogue detectives and prosecutors have done their jobs badly to a point where they convicted the wrong people and continue standing their ground even after the real killer presents himself to the police and confesses. Policing the Police talks about how the police are conducting their operations. It talks about police brutality and police discrimination against a particular group of people in a bid to crackdown drugs and guns in the streets of Newark, New Jersey. This paper aims at looking at the themes that present themselves from these two videos and the implications of those themes. Miscarriage of justice The four naval sailors were convicted of a crime that they did not commit. This shows that the police did not collect the required evidence to convict them and instead they did their work in a shoddy way. Even after their DNA results not matching the samples that had been collected at the scene, they still went ahead and convicted them. The police got inconsistent confessions from these people as evidence, and this did not make them raise an eye to see that the kind of information provided was incompatible. The judge and the jury decided that the guys were guilty even though the confessions that had been presented to the court seemed nothing but a fairy tale. Ballard Omar was arrested, and he confessed to having murdered Michelle alone. His DNA samples matched what had been found at the crime scene, and his confession recounted to what had actually happened. Even though he confessed in court to have committed the...
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