Attractions between the queer Asian-black (dis)connections and the whites Dissertation Example

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Free Attractions between the queer Asian-black (dis)connections and the whites Dissertation Example

Name Professor Title Date The auto ethnography attempts to illustrate the desires and attractions between the queer Asian-black (dis)connections and the whites. The younger and feministic Asian men have a desire for the older and masculine rice-queens in major cultural hotspots. Asians are viewed as inferior to the whites. For instance, according to the western background, urban white gay is a mostly generic icon of queer boys as opposed to Asian boys who are a subcultural category who are racialized fetishes for the older white males. Asians- Americans have been subjected to colonial discrimination and are historically seen as foreigners. Many scholars have argued that the whites have continued to dominate the world especially in the formations and realizations of GLBTQ (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender-queer). For example, Lee (2003) observed that “sexual minorities who are not white male and affluent remain relatively invisible in their different localities” (Eguchi, 30). The white hetero-patriarchal society continues to give primacy to heterosexual men over other gender and sexual minorities. The continued queer production of bars, clubs and other neighborhoods in the US illustrates the broad and material effects in normativity of the middle-class white gay. For example, the white gay is more desired while the black African-American men are seen as dangerous and a threat which makes them denied entrance to the white gay normative bars and clubs. The Asian-Americans always assemble in corners of the gay bars and clubs as they wait to be spotted by the white rice-queens. The music played in these queer clubs are a reflection of the white gay-popular US cultural trends. The white gay community dominates most of the major gay neighborhoods such as in New York and Los Angeles. This in itself is a show of how the white gay continues to marginalize the women and people of color from various queer cultural setting. As it is, an understanding on the issue...
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