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Name Professor Title Date The auto ethnography attempts to illustrate the desires and attractions between the queer Asian-black (dis)connections and the whites. The younger and feministic Asian men have a desire for the older and masculine rice-queens in major cultural hotspots. Asians are viewed as inferior to the whites. For instance, according to the western…

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Name Professor Course Date Mental Disorders A psychiatric disorder is a mental disease that is characterized by deviant, distressing, and altered patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Initially, mental disorders were described as incurable or irreversible conditions. However, with the emergence of the medical model, mental illnesses are no longer perceived as incurable as the model…

Intimate partner violence Name Course Instructor’s name Date Most articles and journals have Identified Intimate partner violence (IPV) as one of the major problems worldwide. Thus there is the need to determine the predominance of intimate partner violence in the community. The analysis of these journals and articles most parts of the word indicates that…

Student’s Name: Tutor’s Name: Course: Date: Psychological Disorders Psychological disorders are illnesses that affect brain function and present with disturbances in thinking, mood, and human behavior. The conditions are characterized by frustrating effects on the quality of life such as personal distress and significant interruption of day-to-day activities. The disorders are also referred to as…

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Burnout among Child Counselors Name Institution Burnout among Child Counselors Working as child and adolescent counselor can sometimes be a treacherous and emotionally draining job. However, it is considered to be the highly rewarding profession around. As counselors, we are in charge of boosting and ensuring that a child’s academic, social, and personal development is…

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Name Institution Course Date Sexual Identity and Communication Even though conventional politics experienced challenges of accelerating cultural and erotic diversity, postmodern politics acknowledges the contribution of sexuality in addressing issues related to equality and fairness in the sexual endorsement transformation. Currently, sexuality acts as constitutive elements in politics (Lovaas and Jenkins 41). Additionally, the concerns…

Theoretical Approach to Counseling Name of Student Name of Institution Theoretical Approach to Counseling My theoretical approach to counseling is inclined toward the Adlerian Therapy coined by Alfred Adler. With this, I focus on the relationship between superiority and inferiority as well as the ways these feelings affect human beings (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2012). Counseling…

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Dissertation Introduction: This paper is an analysis of Ricoeur, Taylor and Macintyre’s notions of rationality and self. The paper offers the differences and similarities between all three theorists on rationality and self. It also avails a critical appraisal of these two concepts. For example, Taylor Charles proposes that socially established ethical and moral standards are…

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