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Free Is Google Violating User’s Privacy Dissertation Example

Is Google Violating User’s Privacy? Student’s Name Institution Is Google Violating User’s Privacy? Yes, over the recent years, Google has been sued severally for violation of user’s privacy in different countries. In 2012, the tech giant company was fined $22.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violation of consumer’s privacy (Gilbert, 2012). Additionally, through the court directive, the company was required to disable all the tracking cookies it had placed on consumers' computers. According to a statement released by the Dutch Data Protection Agency in 2014, it stated that Google Inc. was in the verge of attracting an $18 million fine for its continuous violation of privacy of the internet users in the country (Reuters, 2014). The current web and mobile applications used by Google Inc. rely mainly on user's private information for designing added functionality in their web products. However, the confidential and private information provided by the users to the Google servers has been subject to unwarranted and illegal access by malicious attackers. Due to this reason, the company has been accused of internet privacy violations by various individuals, consumer advocacy groups, and government agencies. As stated earlier, such violations have resulted in several lawsuits being undertaken against the company over the last few years. In conclusion, it is reasonably evident to point out that the failure by the Google company to protect and safeguard the sensitive information of their user's against unauthorized access from malevolent individuals is a complete violation of the consumer's privacy. Based on the recent fines and ongoing legal actions against the company regarding violation of the user's privacy it is crystal clear that the firm is undertaking these undesirable practices which inflict the privacy of the internet user's private information. References Gilbert, F. (2012). FTC V. GOOGLE: A Blueprint for Your Next Privacy...
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