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Three Emails

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Student’s Name Course Code Lecturer Due Date Three Emails Email to a friend Hey, I have to work tonight. I am having a terrible day; I hope yours was better than mine. I just remember we were supposed to meet later, but I will not be able to make it today. We are experiencing a…

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How does advertising impact teen or young adult use of alcohol? Student Name Institutional Affiliation How does advertising impact teen or young adult use of alcohol? Weaver, E., Wright, C., Dietze, P., & Lim, M. (2016). ‘A Drink That Makes You Feel Happier, Relaxed and Loving’: Young People’s Perceptions of Alcohol Advertising on Facebook. Alcohol…

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Is Google Violating User’s Privacy? Student’s Name Institution Is Google Violating User’s Privacy? Yes, over the recent years, Google has been sued severally for violation of user’s privacy in different countries. In 2012, the tech giant company was fined $22.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violation of consumer’s privacy (Gilbert, 2012). Additionally,…

Health Observation Name Institution Introduction Media in the contemporary world has transformed on so many levels. There was a time when advertisements used to be simple, and the factors of glamor and manipulation were minimal. However, these advertisements are not the same anymore. Unlike older times, ads these days are full of glamor and feed…

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[First Name] [Last Name] [Professor] [Class] 29 March 2018 Brief historical Context of the Mainstream Media and School Shootings Given the consistent rate of atrocities committed by the various school shootings in the United States over the past ten years, debate is raging across the country with respect to policies related to gun control. According…

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Introduction: Social Media is among the current forms of media that have diverse qualities and characteristics. It has several facilities on the same channels like communication, image sharing, texting, audio and video sharing. Additional features that are present include the faster publication, Wide coverage and linking of the people globally and direct connecting with different…

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Internet Addiction

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Internal Psychological Factors for Internet Addiction: Persons who develop IA usually already have feelings of social isolation and may have trouble in establishing and maintaining health relationships with their peers. When looking at the internal psychological factors that influence Internet addiction, it is imperative to distinguish between the two types of addicts, namely the Dual…

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