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Free Macintyre’s Ethical Thought Dissertation Example

Philosophy Dissertation example of Macintyre’s Ethical Thought. Introduction: MacIntyre presents a strong feeling about the modern day life, going as far as making claims about the deterioration of morality in the many spheres of life. His convictions gave birth to some of the most convincing claims among many others of his works, After Virtue. The book is a source of major philosophical arguments which are born out of historical and sociological analyses explaining the ongoing vacillation of moral conflicts of the modern day. The contemporary bureaucratic states and the organizational behaviors are the focus of the questioning by the philosopher of the existence of a moral system. It is plausible to note that MacIntyre does not stop at the point where he challenges the modern moral systems, but goes further to propose some alternatives to emotivist ethics. Critique of Modern Moral Theory The argument advanced by MacIntyre is one that questions the ethical system that other philosophers might be in support of. This is the possibility of having in place a moral system that squarely situates itself within the modern life. The After Virtue’s argumentation and conceptual development is based on the hypothesis that there might not be a convincing virtue system which has the potential to explain the conflictual modern life. "A Disquieting Suggestion," which is then the very first chapter of the book introduces the premise that there is a cataclysm relating to moral language and practice. The modern world is one in which the morality language is in a state of major disarray in the same way as the natural science language within the imaginary world. simulacra of morality is what is possessed by the modern world because the actual morality is not possible, at least, it cannot coexist with the conflicts that characterize modernity. The comprehension of morality appears to have been lost. The philosophy of MacIntyre is critical to the virtue ethics’ arena from the...
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