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Name Professor Course Date The essence of the human soul Introduction Concerning the essence of the soul, Foster and Humphries maintained that there is still doubt about the initial aspect to be considered when defining anything. Many people seek to understand the genus of the soul, and whether it is a substance, quality, or quantity….

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First Name Last Name: Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: To Torture on Not to Torture According to the utilitarianism theory, an individual determines if an act is morally right if the consequence creates the greatest advantage to the majority. The action should maximize the utility therein (Holmes, 43). Therefore, in the case scenario, the utilitarianism…

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Name Professor Title Date Philosophies of Descartes and Leibniz Descartes is regularly credited as the “Father of modern philosophy.” This designation is justified because of his discontinuity with the old-style scholastic-Aristotelian philosophy predominant during his period and to his promotion and development of the fresh, mechanistic sciences. Descartes’ fundamental breakdown with scholastic thinking was twofold….

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Name Instructor Course Date Gender and Philosophy Fausto-Sterling is a biologist who has majored in the issue of sex and gender. She is an ideologist who believes that the sex of people ought to be more than just the male or female. She believes that there an intermediary class that does not fall into either…

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The ethics of Alasdair Chalmers Macintyre may be explored from different vantage points. Regardless, he does not belong to any particular school of thought as the philosopher treats each of the philosophical theories with equal measure(s). Macintyre looks into virtue, narrative unity, tradition, individualism, justice and relativism. Each of these concepts is placed in-line with…

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Philosophy Dissertation example of Macintyre’s Ethical Thought. Introduction: MacIntyre presents a strong feeling about the modern day life, going as far as making claims about the deterioration of morality in the many spheres of life. His convictions gave birth to some of the most convincing claims among many others of his works, After Virtue. The…

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