Theories of Organizational Dynamics and Development Dissertation Example

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Human Resource Management
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Free Theories of Organizational Dynamics and Development Dissertation Example

Free Management Dissertation Sample: Introduction. An organization is defined as a communal unit of persons that is prepared and supervised to meet specific needs or pursue specific objectives as a collective group (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006).  All organizations have management structures that highlight the relationship between different activities in the organizations and the employee (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006). The management is also concerned with promoting sub-division and assignment of roles to undertake responsibilities and the authorities that accompany the division of labor. The sole management purpose is to ensure that there is an expansion of the performance capabilities of the individuals working within the organization. A company’s organizational structure is a fundamental question for the entrepreneurs. It is also an essential element in ensuring the success of the organizations. In recent years, competition among various organizations has resulted into the urgency in organizations to create a sustainable environment for them to operate. Austin (2012) asserts that organizations with elaborate structures remain viable, overcome competitions, and are able to make effective decisions quickly. Impact of the Organizational Theories in the Dynamic Market   Organizational theories aid in addressing business issues successfully by emphasizing exact organizational problems and how suitable structures can provide solutions. Most organizations have elaborate structures that guide decision making. The main themes of organizational theories are to provide solutions to the specific ways through which organizations can work as discussed in Chen and Lee (2008). These organizational methods assume that the organization has the structure, objectives, and employees, but its primary focus in on the improvement of the efficiency, achievement of the organization set targets and goals, how the external and the internal environment affects the business and the...
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