Helpful Dissertation Conclusion Examples

Try to imagine yourself managing to write the whole dissertation individually. This feeling is awesome since you understand the workflow that you passed. However, there is one last step that usually makes many students feel annoyed. You have to write a dissertation conclusion.

It seems too easy to cope with it and nobody cares about the conclusion outline while working on the main body. However, this chapter still needs to be very attentive and creative. Many students even need to relax several days after the main body. If you feel stuck into a dissertation conclusion, this article is for you. Dissertation Help Club writers shared the recommendations based on their experience.

Generally, everyone expects that the ideal conclusion should contain a brief but informative overview of the conducted investigation. Here you will need to use all your creativity to specify outcomes and share some helpful recommendations so that it won’t repeat the phrases used in the dissertation.

If this topic seems interesting for you, then just continue reading, and you will find out everything important about the writing process and a couple of great tips for those who have never worked on a thesis before.

How To Conclude A Dissertation?

Some students may claim that this chapter is the easiest in the dissertation. However, when it comes to dissertation conclusion writing, everyone feels a lot of issues. What should be mentioned? How to structurize this chapter? How to avoid adding new information?

A lot of questions arise and students feel stuck into the last chapter. Since the dissertation is very long, most students don’t understand how to include 60 pages into 3 paragraphs.

You need to correlate all the findings with the main question discussed at the beginning of academic writing. The final component of your work is probably the most decisive one. Here you should be extremely attentive to not miss the most important elements you were researching. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of your time and effort.

Also, a dissertation conclusion is not just a random collection of facts but structured text with specific points and requirements. Moreover, it should be done in a logical manner. Maybe, this is a common truth and shouldn’t be mentioned in the article; however, such standard things are usually forgotten during the long writing process. Because of all the available information, it might be really challenging to concentrate on something really meaningful and decisive.

The best recommendation that you can ever get relating to writing a dissertation conclusion is to use simple language. It is not a hard thing to do, especially if you are familiar with the assessment criteria and know how to avoid any sort of difficulty.

What Is The Major Difference Between Discussion And Conclusion Sections?

These two various parts are usually mixed up, just because there is a little bit of similarity in the material. In addition to this, usually, they are grouped together in all the explanations and articles.

Of course, it depends on the subject area you are working on and some institution requirements. However, most frequently, students are asked to include these two different parts in one chapter of the thesis. That’s why it might be a little bit confusing and difficult, especially if you are writing such an academic paper for the first time.

If you have an opportunity to create a separate chapter for the summary, it will be awesome. Then you will hardly face the difficulties with distinguishing discussion info and conclusion. Then you will shortly answer all the major questions.

How To Cope With The Writing Of The Conclusion?

First of all, you’d better stop for a moment and review the main part of your thesis. Don’t hurry up because some of the readers will only check this last part. That’s why it should be understandable and well-structured.

Ideally, you will need to summarize your entire research, though it should not be a simple paraphrase of the writing’s major information. It should be done thoughtfully and chronologically while remembering the general requirements of your institution.

This usual question: how to conclude a dissertation should not be a major problem after you have done serious research. It is a laconic synthesis of the already discussed data. Please, never include anything new in this part.

The most frequent mistake which every student might have is related to the methodology. Most just forget to mention something about the choice of the method. So, double-check if you have already written your conclusion if you have shared something about the choice of methodology, it is an extremely important part.

Structure Of Dissertation Conclusion Sample

To be honest, there is no specific plan that you should follow to cope with this type of writing. It just includes standard things in the way you like and in that chronology that appeals to you. The major thing that should be mentioned in every conclusion is the importance of your research. Here you should specify why your theme is impactful and meaningful for society.

It is also recommended to share practical solutions to the trouble you have mentioned in your research. Readers will certainly appreciate that your work brings practical value and real methods of solving problems in this study area.

In order to write in an academic style, you’d better mention some of the researchers who have the same point of view. Yes, it is your unique project, but academic value and seriousness should be proven by someone in order to have a really impactful conclusion.

What Is The Usual Length Of The Conclusion?

This is probably the most frequently asked question online. Lots of people are trying to find out a specific number of words and characters that should be in the conclusion of the thesis. If you are also bothered about this question, then we can help you with this part. So, the length is fully correlated with the general length of the whole dissertation.

Here you need to remember one simple rule – the shorter your writing, the shorter conclusion should be, and on the contrary. Some students might neglect such an important question just because of the lack of experience in such a type of writing. However, the final idea’s length will certainly show how professional or unprofessional you are in this sphere.

The standard length is something between 5 and 7 percent when talking about the general word count.

Reflection And Summarizing As The Parts Of An Ideal Conclusion

Except for all the above-mentioned parts of the ideal conclusion, there should also be a reflection. As a writer, you have been working on this project for a long time and spent lots of time on its completion, and you have probably come to your own summary after reviewing all the available information on this topic. Share your initial plans and intentions and those approaches and methods that were helpful for you in this long process.

Just be a little bit more sincere with the readers and discuss all the challenges you might have during the research. Generally, it needs to include ideas and facts and all the factors that make your final works look as it is. Share all the blocks of your projects, and it will have this unique personal characteristic.

When recollecting all the limitations and difficulties that you have faced, try to use only meaningful ones. Extreme negativity won’t be great for an ideal conclusion.

How To Include Recommendations Into The Conclusion?

Sure, all the recommendations have already been mentioned and discussed in the discussion part; that’s why we usually forget to mention or emphasize them once more. Nevertheless, the conclusion is a nice place where you have an opportunity to mention the most decisive recommendations.

Ideally, the research conclusion should be discussed as suggestions, but not imperative recommendations that you must definitely follow. Also, when sharing some pieces of advice, try not to exaggerate the level of your research and fundamentalism. Yes, you have done a great job, and all your efforts will be noticed, but that doesn’t mean you need to emphasize them additionally. Readers like it when they have some sort of freedom and feel this tender line of friendly communication with the project writer.

Remember that your writing aims to explain and inform your reader, but not to give serious instructions on this or that topic you were researching.

Dissertation Conclusion Example

Assuring answering the dissertation questions

The dissertation describes the architecture, design, development, implementation and analysis of QCY tool that supports online payments for E-commerce stores.

QCY was created with regard to my experience of E-commerce using, set of common tasks related to ordering issues and tasks related to payment security.

Summarizing the chapters of the research

The underlying structure for the architecture for QCY was a “Payment Gates Treemap”. Each cell corresponded to a segment of payment gates. The gates were divided according to servers location, safety and transaction speed. The payment gates were connected to provide the constant connection between E-store, payment platform server and customer. The user study of architecture development was described in Chapter 5.

I developed an accompanying application to process transactions for QCY called SSE, a Safe and Speedy Extractor. SSE is allowed to analyse all the payment gates simultaneously and represent their characteristics. SSE also helped to signalize about payment gates that have a lot of issues. SSE proposes several ways to solve every issue. The user study of architecture development was described in Chapter 6.

I designed a glossary and documentation for QCY usage. I designed a roadmap of transactions through QCY that shows users that every payment is secured. The user study of architecture development was described in Chapter 7.

Mentioning the limitations and results

The user study revealed good results for each task in my taxonomy. The section Architecture (developing cells that correspond to a certain payment gate) achieved a median precision of 99% and median recall of 98% that represents fast connection between servers.

Receiver Finding (determining a specific account to send the money) achieved a median accuracy of 100%. The results indicated that QCY is effective to improve payment procedure on E-commerce stores.

Explaining the practical usefulness

With QCY E-commerce stores can use any kind of payment platform, allowing users to choose the most comfortable payment gate. QCY also increases the safety of transactions and helps to indicate issues faster. Finally, feedback from users was positive and indicated a desire to use QCY in the future. The user study results are discussed in Chapter 8.

How To Discuss Your Research Contributions In A Better Way?

After the review of the dissertation conclusion, every reader should be left to understand that your work has greatly contributed to the specific area of studies. To achieve such a reaction, here are a couple of practical recommendations for you:

  • Emphasize how your research has questioned or confirmed the theoretical material with which you have worked with;
  • Mention your research problem once more and practically show how you have solved this trouble or share your attempts to solve it;
  • Mention the used literature and practically prove that you have added something new in the existing gap.

Once again, try not to repeat sentences and phrases that you have already used in writing before the conclusion. With the help of your creativity, use the right words to share the information that is appropriate in this part.

Something Important About How To Finish Your Writing

Now when you are aware of how to write a conclusion for a dissertation, you are probably waiting for the final recommendations about the writing process in general. That’s why we decided to share this data here.

Only a couple of final steps are separating you from the final completion of the project. It is the right time to start writing the dissertation abstract or check it once more while you remember all kinds of data that you have used in your project. There are lots of information relating to this topic online as well, and you can easily find it if you need.

Then you’d better review your reference list and check its correlation with the general requirements to the formatting. To simplify this process, you can use an online application that will quickly generate the needed format.

The following important step is to check your content and title page once again or complete them. That’s almost all that you should know about while finishing your thesis. The last procedure that you should not skip is reviewing the whole dissertation. Reread everything attentively and correct any mistakes that you might come across. Then use any proofreading platform to double-check everything again.

If you are not sure about the free applications’ quality, you may contact a professional proofreading service and pay for such assistance. Usually, these platforms aren’t too expensive, and for a reasonable sum of money, you will get error-free content in a matter of hours. As for the quality of the content, you can also purchase such kind of online help or just ask your friend to review your project. Sometimes, even an unprofessional person can notice some things that you cannot detect.

Hope that our recommendations about the dissertation conclusion writing were helpful to you. Now, you should just start writing because you have all the needed information about the ideal dissertation’s conclusion. You will definitely cope with this challenging task, just don’t postpone its completion till the last moment. For ideal summing up, all the research information should be fresh in your mind. Otherwise, you will waste lots of time checking and double-checking everything again and again.

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