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Free Psychosocial Rehab Dissertation Example

Name Professor Course Date Mental Disorders A psychiatric disorder is a mental disease that is characterized by deviant, distressing, and altered patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Initially, mental disorders were described as incurable or irreversible conditions. However, with the emergence of the medical model, mental illnesses are no longer perceived as incurable as the model focuses on the psychological causes of the disease as well as its treatment. The model assumes that mental disorders can be diagnosed based on symptoms and treated through administration of therapy. More so, psychiatric disorders are known to be influenced by various factors including psychological ones such as stress trauma, social-cultural factors such as societal expectations, roles and responsibilities and biological influences such as evolution, genetics, the structure of the brain and chemistry. Additionally, psychological illnesses are diagnosed using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the latest is known as DSM-5. The DSM comprises of various symptoms, descriptions and other methods of diagnosing psychiatric disorders (Corrigan 6). It also offers differential diagnosis, which highlights physical and mental disorders that manifest similar symptoms. As such, it provides a common language for healthcare professionals to connect and communicate with their patients by availing consistent and reliable diagnoses, which can be used for further research about mental illnesses. I agree with the modern mode of diagnosing psychiatric disorders using the DSM-5 as it has allowed the incorporation of new research, which has helped improve treatment of mental disorders. The American Psychiatric Association steered the move and it will ensure that future revisions on the diagnostic tool are more responsive to advances in research. More so, with the dramatic evolution of mental disorders, diagnostic guidelines will be flexible enough and to incorporate scientific...
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